Missouri's disgraced former Governor Eric Greitens is running for United States Senate.

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He sexually abused and blackmailed his hairdresser.

He stole from his veterans' charity.

He stole from a book grant.


He used taxpayer-paid state resources for political gain. 

He destroyed public records with a text-deleting app.


He resigned hours after a judge ordered him to reveal his dark money donors.

He belongs in jail, not the United States Senate.

Help us stop him.

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I've been investigating Eric Greitens since he started using a secretive dark money fake charity in 2017 to conceal the identities of political donors and harass members of his own party calling for ethics reform.

I am still in court fighting our state government for over 13,000 records of how Eric Greitens sold our state to the highest bidder.

The articles and documents below are all linked to the original sources so you can learn more about Eric Greitens' corruption yourself.

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A Missouri House investigative committee - led by a Republican - investigated Eric Greitens' sexual abuse and blackmailing of his hairdresser.

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Eric Greitens was also investigated for stealing from his veterans' charity. He took a donor list and used it for his political campaign. He jeopardized the charitable status of the organization, which required another investigation by then-Attorney General Josh Hawley.

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Then-Attorney General Hawley investigated Eric Greitens for misappropriating a Templeton Foundation/Washington University grant when he used the money to promote his candidacy for Governor.

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Hawley also investigated Eric Greitens for misappropriating state resources for political purposes, targeting his use of campaign social media and state staff in particular.

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Eric Greitens also used a text-deleting app called Confide to destroy communications while he was Governor. His use of Confide is the subject of a still-ongoing Sunshine Law case.

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Despite all of the evidence of wrongdoing, Eric Greitens refused to resign.

But on May 29, 2018, Eric Greitens abruptly resigned in exchange for the St. Louis Circuit Attorney dropping the charge against Greitens for stealing from his veterans' charity. Although Greitens sought to hide some of the stipulations he agreed to, stipulations 1 and 7 were later unredacted. In stipulation 1, Greitens agreed that the prosecutor had sufficient evidence to prosecute.

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Eric Greitens' resignation came just hours after a judge ordered him to reveal the names of his dark money donors.

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I took Eric Greitens' dark money organization and the Governor's Office to court to retrieve public records. I've been litigating since 2018. I am currently waiting on Missouri's Supreme Court to rule on a landmark public records case that would reveal many of Greitens' records.

Eric Greitens' dark money network was national and wide-ranging. While running for Governor, Greitens took $13 million of hidden dark money from one organization. His own dark money group, called "A New Missouri, Inc." involved former Vice President Mike Pence's chief of staff, Nick Ayers, and the Vice President's PAC attorney (now Kentucky Secretary of State) Michael Adams.


Nick Ayers' several companies received over $26 million in spending from Eric Greitens' campaign for Governor. Eric Greitens raised a little over $30 million to run for Governor.

Much of Eric Greitens' dark money spending once he was elected focused on pushing Right-to-Work legislation. You can read about my investigation into dark money corruption in Missouri here.

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Eric Greitens is a threat to Missouri.

Eric Greitens has spent the last few years attempting to rehabilitate his image, spreading a false narrative of how he was treated unfairly, and preparing to run for Senate.

The truth is Eric Greitens perpetuated massive frauds on the public. His following is large, and the only way he can be overcome is if Missourians know the truth. Whatever your party, we cannot give Eric Greitens power again.

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